Wednesday, September 14, 2016

10 Things I'm thankful for.....

Counting the blessing from God makes me remain thankful and cherish what I have.

1. 感恩能够适应,并习惯这里的生活。
3. 感恩自己暂无相思病。
4. 感恩神为我预备的这一切,以至于我不需要担忧其他的事情。
5. 感恩神与我同行,就算有时候一个人也不会孤单。
6. 感恩自己身体健康。
7. 感恩自己能够趁空闲的时间,去尝试不同的事情。
8. 感谢神在之前的人生经历中预备我面对这里的挑战。
9. 感恩现在上的课,虽然有些闷,但是却有不少的收获。
10. 感恩神透过身边不同的人,来去提醒我在这里的使命与责任。

1. I'm thankful for quick adapted the life here.
2. I'm thankful for being able to make friend with a group of Christian students.
3. I'm thankful for not being homesick yet.
4. Thankful for everything that God had prepared for me.
5. I'm thankful for not afraid to be alone, because God walks along with me.
6. Thankful for my health.
7. Thankful for not wasting my time, but to try out new things.
8. Thanks God prepared me to face the challenges here through my previous life experiences.
9. Thankful for gaining knowledge through the classes I have, although some of them are boring.
10. Thankful to see how God reminds me of my mission and responsibility here through the people around me.

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