Wednesday, September 7, 2016


快点记住这一天 2016 年8月31日!!!!
中间因为适应期,时差,还有网路不好,因此只有whatsapp 传简讯,没能视讯~ (加上我也没有很想家,嘿~)
超级开心的! 我的室友则是一脸奇怪看着我哔哩吧啦说着流利的外星语,哈哈哈~ 她应该不会嫌我太吵吧~

Please mark this day, 31th August 2016! ! ! !
I was too happy and excited, so enlarge my dad's picture! hahah.... 
This was the first video call since I arrived US on the 19th August, 
finally have a chance to make a video call with daddy! Yay!!!!!
I was in a transition time to the uni's life, jet lag, poor wifi, so we can 
only message through whatsapp, (plus I'm not miss home yet, opsss~)
I was super happy! However, my roommate was showing her curious face 
while listened to me speaking Mandarin as if an alien language, hahaha~
 hope she won't feels disturbed.
Anyway, if you happen to see my dad, please tell him I miss him!

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