Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thai cuisine 泰国料理~~~~~~

Sarah 告诉我这里有好吃的泰国餐,所以我们星期三晚上便出去吃啦!
红咖喱似乎放太多椰奶,但还是好吃啦!!!东炎汤还好,不像我之前吃的那么浓厚,但是足以填满我今晚的食欲。Sarah只喝了一口东炎汤便辣得一直喝水,对她来说,东炎汤太辣了~~~哈哈哈......但是,她真的算很勇敢了,敢吃其他文化的食物,不错!!! *拍手*

White RICE!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally have white rice after 4 weeks here in US!!!! So touching~~~~~~
Sarah told me there is a nice Thai restaurant here in Hickory, so we went on Wednesday night!
wohooo~~~~~~I'm so hungry!!!!
We just scanned the menu not even 5 mins, then we can't wait to order our food! We ordered........
Papaya Salad, Tom yam shrimp soup, seafood red curry and 3 bowls of rice!
Red curry had too much coconut milk, but still yummy!!! Tom Yam Soup still ok, not thick like what I used to have, but good enough for tonight's craving. Sarah can't take it, because it is too spicy for her~~~ hahahaha.....But the way, she is brave and daring girl for this kind of cultural food, not bad!!!! *clap clap clap*

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