Thursday, January 5, 2017

Coco and the director

I love visiting coffee cafes,
get inspirations, enjoy great coffee, love being surrounded by the coffee smell, chill, and explore.
Used to explore and discover nice coffee cafe every time when I travel, because that's where you can
meet new faces, have some unexpected conversation, or even just stay there for hours just to read or 
have some quiet time. Often get mind blowing ideas in those cafe.... isn't that cool?!

I'm currently in US, wasn't have much chances to go and stay in the cafe as long as I want to, but 
still try my best to visit around, and enjoy some great coffee.

Stop by Coco and the Director cafe located in Charlotte, a modern city-styled coffee cafe, that 
actually delighted my day. With cool seating design and arrangement, yellowish light that perfect 
for coffee cafe, and more space for private meeting. There are some fun items such as cards, midori
bullet journal, homemade soap, leather bag, water bottle and more items are arranged nicely 
along the shelves for people to purchase. This reminds me of the cafe I've seen in Taiwan, love it!
Ordered cafe mocha with reasonable price, my friends and I decided to go to the loft, and surprisingly 
see the artworks by local artist, and chalk drawing that mixed well on the wall. Wasn't able to spend 
long time in the cafe, but we love it.....what a blast! Definitely wish to come back, but I do love to 
visit more nice coffee cafe around the town! hahahah....

Operation hours: 6am-10pm 
Location: 100W Trade Street,
Charlotte, NC 28202

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