Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Steamboat gathering!!!!

Sometimes, I do believe that food connects people.....!!!!
Cooking steamboat together with friends in my dorm is one of my bucket list to do while studying in US!!!!
Meet the girl from China, Vivian, and talked about cooking some food in our dorm, in the end, we host a small gathering here.
Steamboat/ hot pot is always the best to eat during winter, Vivian brought most of the ingredients and ChenLin 
came early to help us up in preparing. Our small gathering starts at 6pm, slowly eating and chatting, this is 
really an International gathering, we have King from Thailand and Laos but born in Hickory, we have Santiago 
from Argentina, Brittany who claims herself as Italian but born here(she has 1/4 German and Italian blood 
from her grandparents), Vivian and Chenlin from China, and me from Malaysia. Isn't that cool?! 

Non-stop eating, yes, that's Chinese steamboat/ hot pot culture, we have tong yam soup paste, but Vivian 
and ChenLin said it's not spicy enough, so they add some spicy sauce in it, and I really love it~  Played 
card game, but mostly chatting, and our party end at 9pm, and thanks some of them helped to clean the room. 
Planning to cook more Chinese food while they are still here, hahahahha.....so exciting!! 

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