Thursday, January 12, 2017

Summer Mission trip: Application has been received!!!

Finished the application of CRU summer mission trip to East Asia, however, I'm still in the process of waiting 
for final approval then only I can raise fund for that, because the process of screening in pretty strict.

Travel is always my personal hobby, but mission trip is always God's calling to me, especially after I firmly believe this, 
travel no longer first priority when comes to my holiday plan. Through Lifegame and Gospel game, God challenge me 
to give my life fully to Him, live the life He wants me to live; go wherever He wants me to go; share whatever He wants me to share.
This time, He reminds me again to go mission trip instead of traveling during my summer break through videos and 
testimonies, and this time, going to the group of people whom I can reach them easily through the language I know, Mandarin.
Asked God, tried to skip Him, ignored and ran away from this calling, thinking, isn't that means I'm going back to my 
comfort zone? Using Mandarin to share Gospel won't be too challenging to me, maybe I should go to Africa or somewhere else.
However, God's calling stir up my heart and I can only choose to obey Him.

I know this is a risky way, plus I have no experience in fund raising, and I don't have much close friend, family, relatives, 
and church members like I used to have in Malaysia. Open my mouth and talk about money is super scary to me, so I once 
have the idea of not putting too much hope on it. But going on mission is the promise between God and I, I will go if He 
wants me to, and now I have to place the first step, which is fill up the application, I believe He will do the rest. Because of this 
reason, I filled up the application, but stuck before the application fee, even though it is just $25, but after I paid for text books, 
phone bills, and others, there was nothing left in my account....... Guess what?! God's timing always work the best, He allows 
angel mailed me a cheque money, not a huge amount, but enough to cover my application fees. Received it few days ago, 
deposited the cheque money yesterday and successfully completed my application including paying the application fees last night. 

I've nothing to show off, but if I have to, I will only show off how amazing and awesome this God is!
because I believe He will prepare everything, and His will is always higher than my wills, so I'm thankful for every step I walk.
CRU summer mission trip to East Asia will be on 13th May, and stay there 6 months for campus ministry, and the total 
cost that needed for this trip are $5500(US dollar), cost including accommodation, flights, food, materials, transportation and others.
Below is the website, you can click in to see the details:
I know that's a huge amount of money, since I choose to trust God, and I should not be worrying for it!

Thank you for spending time to read this, please keep in me in your prayer, if God moves your heart and you want 
to support me financially on this trip, please contact me through email, and I will keep you all update here too!
This is my email address:
Thank you all for you support!!!!

完成了申请去East Asia暑假短宣的资料表,现在要等被通知申请是否被接纳,才可以开始筹钱,因为筛选挺严格的。



学园传道会前往East Asia 的暑假宣教将会在五月十三号出发,逗留6个星期,专做校园事工。


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