Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Jersey--->New Jersey

One of the exciting part about travel with no plan was..... you never know what will happen next!
Just like me, crashing into a wedding without knowing who is the bride and bridegroom, awesome~
Hahahaha...So, while I was in New Jersey, Pastor Jonathan and his wife have to attend a camp in Philadelphia, 
they planned to take me along with them, but because I decided to fly to LA on the day they come back from camp, 
and I don't want to make them rush for that, so is better I just stay back in New Jersey. I planned to stay somewhere else, 
but they worried about me and my safety, so, they contacted their friend, Jerry whom we met in Lifegame, 
and served together too, asked him take care of me.
They are too nice! So, in the end, I stayed at his house for three days, and get to know his sister, Dani.
They decided to take me with them to attend a wedding on Saturday, and I was able to help and join them for the wedding dinner!
We attend church service the next day and went shopping together with his sister!
This is definitely out of my expectation! Anyway, I got more new friends now from New Jersey~ hahaha

哈哈哈.....故事就发生在New Jersey,由于秋牧师和师母要到Philadelphia参加营会,原本打算把我也带过去。
但是因为我决定在他们回来的那一天飞去LA,想说怕令他们的行程太赶,我就决定留在New Jersey。
完全没想到事情会这样发展!不管怎样,我现在在New Jersey又多了一些新朋友啦!哈哈哈
Ohya, this is Jerry! Thank you so much!!! hahaha

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