Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New York--->New Jersey


Met pastor Jonathan and his wife while I participated as a volunteer for the previous Lifegame
in California. Had the opportunity to visit them and stay at their house for few days. Pastor
Jonathan just returned from Xinjiang, China, and I just came back from East Asia, so we both
were at the same jet lag moment, and adjusted from that together. We eat and sleep, woke
up and eat again, like pigs. His wife cooks great food, so I was really enjoyed the chill time
while staying at their house. There was one-day uncle Ming Fa took us out for lunch, I met
him from Lifegame too. Eat and chat, we talked about coffee ministry, creative ministry, and
the ministry the plan to start in Xinjiang. He was amazed after he heard my ideas on ministry,
and encourage me to join them and go to Xin Jiang, hahahaha! I've never been to Xin Jiang,
so, it was really tempting. Well, we'll see! You never know.

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