Thursday, May 11, 2017

Part of College Life #27

I came here with 3 pieces of luggage and now leave with these boxes...

Last day of exam!!!

I will miss my classmates, but I will not miss the class.....
Peace Out!

8th May 2017 record

International Students and I-Pal farewell gathering

One of the fun and family group that I was involved on campus.
Is a group of International Students and I-Pal (local students), we have lots of activities, gathering and random meetings. 
I-Pals are the students who assist and guide the international students when they are here.
Love this group of people, motivate me to learn more,
 learn the different culture, eat the different type of food, and also listen to songs with different languages.
I think we are going to have more international students next semester, which will be fun!!!!!! 
7th May 2017 record

Final Flip

Final Flip is a gathering and chilling night before final starts.
Basically, everyone just gathers in the dining hall or the lobby, with free food, free t-shirts, free massage, and also kitten for free touch! 
Is a night for everyone to relax before final. hahah
There is karaoke too, so just chill there and chat with my friends.... 
And I got two free t-shirts!!! Because my friends grab the shirt but all size"s", so, they gave them to me... hahahha.....yay!!!

5th May 2017 record

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Thank you all for all the blessings!!!

一切都是神的恩典, 如今的每一步以及所拥有的一切,绝对不是靠自己的能力所得,每每提起,越是提醒自己要谦卑,要感恩。

Thanks for all the birthday blessing from your short clips, video calls, photos, and texts. Can't believe it is 
almost a year ever since I came to the States. Walking with the Lord does not mean that life will be easy 
and calm, but throughout the storm, I experience his presence and faithfulness.
Everything is by God's grace, every step and blessings I have now, absolutely not by my own ability or my 
strengths, every time as I mentioned, the more reminded myself to be humble and be grateful. Birthday is no 
longer the same as I used to travel around in the past, no celebration, but video call with my family counted the 
blessings together and prayed together. Grateful and cherish all these precious moments we have.
Don't know since when I forget my own age, so this year's birthday I choose to forget my age; age is a burden, 
everyone around me lives their life with someone else's expectations of their age. Ask people around you, 
it's full of pressure and stressful. Now my mentality like 18 years old, my maturity like 30 years old, the number 
of my age no longer important to me but the way I live my life matters.
Once again, thank you for all the spirituality, mentality and physically supports. I can't go this far by myself, 
I will keep you all in my prayer, may the Lord bless you and be with you. Love you all!!!

5th May 2017 record



5th May 2017 record



Freshmen year!!!

Can't believe my Freshmen year is over!!!! 
Meet different type of professors who are boring, crazy, funny, meet hi/bye friends and also survive-together friends, 
great memories!!!! Sophomore Year will be starting in Aug, wohoooo~~~~~
Painting 3, my favorite class!!! 
(I'm not in that class, but part of them)
FYE(First Year Experience) class!!! Crazy, funny, yet lots of freedom in this class! 
Psychology class! This class is super chill~~~  
Religious Class, a class that requires a lot of thinking.......
Communication class, another fun class~!


Maggie, Kristi, Kourtney, Bethany *from the left*

My friends from CRU are graduating this May!!!
Congratulations!!!! So happy for them! 
May the Lord continue to guide them and lead them in the year ahead, may them be found favor in front of God! 

03 May 2017 record

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Meet some crazy peeps during CRU cookout, went to get snowcone after that.
I got Blue Rasberry and Pink Champaign in a regular cup!
Randomly went to a filed watch stars, and then went to sand court to play volleyball with random group.
Tonight is full of random stuff, but all great and fun!!!

P.S.: next time should just get Kiddie cup! Regular cup is too much for me!! hahahah
2nd May 2017 record

Last CRU gathering!!!

Last CRU for this semester!
Went to the park and barbecue!!! Play balls, eat and meet new friends!!! 
Good reminder from the pastor, Summer is coming, and that shouldn't be the reason for us to stay away from God,
but continue to pray and read His Word. Experience His great love and grace during the three months break, 
and be excited to share it out when we return to campus. 
Not only that, also pray for the new freshmen, estimate 600+ new students in this coming Fall semester. 
Pray that we can be the light in campus, reach them and bring them to Christ, pray that their life will change by God!
Love to be in this CRUmunity!!
2nd May 2017 record