Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Los Angeles (Oak Glen) ---> Loa Angeles (San Bernardino)

Moved straight to San Bernardino, a small town in east of Los Angeles right after I came back from camp. 
One of the lesson that I learned from this journey of faith is never doubt God's plan even though it seems no way.
Met Sabahan here! Glad to meet her, she welcomed me and took me to their house to stay although I dunno how many days will I stay here. 
She took me to visit around, be my tour guide, not only that, she helped me connect to another couple that I was planned to meet. 
Glad to chat and share our stories with each others, I get to know her more and it was valuable! 

Thank you, Elizabeth!

Los Angeles ---> Los Angeles (Oak Glen)

Yes, I joined the church youth camp last minutes, unbelievable!!! 
I was planned to go visit San Francisco that week, planned accommodation, transportation, money that might needed on that trip.
Yet my there was a voice that putted a "break" on that trip, pursued me to go for something that's more valuable than this.
So decided to cancelled my trip including the accommodation that was booked, and I was asked to pay for the cancellation fees, 
Unexpectedly, there was grace and I received a letter telling me that I doesn't need to pay a single penny for the cancellation, 
What!??! This is crazy! Thanks to this, I can fully stayed focus throughout the camp without worrying anything.

Truly enjoy the presence of God, the community fellowship that I longed for.
God reminded me again the purpose of my life through this camp, even though I knew these, but it's always good to 
have some some reminder. Met these new friends who treated me as their family, met a group that bond so quickly, 
met young potential leaders who loves God. This 5 days unexpected camp was overwhelming, witnessed the glory 
of God, stunning testimonies from young leaders, friendship that's sweet and warmed heart, love and care from the pastor.

Never regret this last minutes decision, but truly thankful!
I will definitely stop by and visit this church again next time whenever I come back, the fellowship that reminded me the love of God.



People from my team: Joshua, Rommel, Bryan, Jared, Ralph, Gigi, Kiarah, Hannah

Natalie                                                                  Emily                                                             Natalie
Joshua & Bryan                                                       Rommel                                                        Greg

Kiarah                                                                  Hannah                                                          Gigi

Savannah                                                         Matt

Thankful for all of them, pray that God continues to guide them and be with them, guard their heart in this world, 
I'm excited to see how God is going to use them for His great work!

Los Angeles ---> Los Angeles(Ontario)

Met Savannah from summer mission trip, found out that we both will be in LA, so decided to meet up
and update each other. We were roommate while we were in East Asia for Summer mission, we shared
our faith, challenges, and joy together every day. It was a really great experience! Well, after coming
back, it will not be the same anymore, but we still have the opportunity to get together, update our status,
recall all the memories, and look through my journal from Summer mission.

So glad that we met, and get to know her younger sister, Tabitha. Guess what! I went to her Bible
study on that Wednesday! It was another great and unexpected experience, to be able to find
the Christian community in the midst of traveling is a big joy to me. This church named Charisma Life
Church in Pomona, CA. I met a lot of new friends and become friends with them just one night
in Bible Study. Was planning to go to their church service that Sunday, but they are going to church camp.
The Holy Spirit in my heart urged me to ask the youth pastor to see if I can go with them. This sounds
super awkward and crazy because the camp happens in 4 days, what if there is no more space for me?
                         When God works, there is no way to run away from Him.
While I was still struggling whether shall I ask the pastor about the camp, the pastor looked at me and asked:
Do you want to go to church camp? 
Of course, I say yes! hahah.... So, in the end, he didn't even ask me to fill up the form, just go and gather
at the church on Sunday morning. He counted me into their participant's list. Wow~~~~~ Isn't that crazy!?

New Jersey--->Los Angeles(West Covina)

"I will keep my promise, no matter how long it takes to fulfill because you have my words."

Decided to spend the rest of my summer in California not just because I want to travel around there,
but because I promised to visit my friend, Jojo 5 years ago, and I keep my promise.

We knew each other for almost 12 years, ever since I moved to Tawau, Sabah. 
We attend Boys Brigade(BB) together, for those of you who never heard BB before....
Boys Brigade is the largest Christian uniformed youth organization in UK and Ireland.
We trained like boys, learned how to survive in the jungle, learned the drill, attended leadership training, 
took first aid test, swimming test, and other tests. (So, now you know why sometimes I act like boy, hahaha)

After I moved to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Jo moved to Hong Kong with her parents. 
We still keep in touch, write letters, and she will come stay at my house when she visits Malaysia.
A few years later, she further studies in the California State University of Long Beach, I promised one day I will go visit her.
I had the opportunity to work in summer camp in South Dakota, planned to visit her, but that didn't work out because of the fixed schedule. 
A few years later, here I am...!  
I stayed at her place, she has to work, and I have some project to work on, so normally we hang out during the weekend.
So far, we visited Universal Studio, Griffith Observatory from the movie "La La Land", Little Tokyo, Hillsong Church, Seal Beach and so on.... 
Not sure how long more I will stay here, but cherish every moment we get to hang out together. 
And I get to meet her boyfriend Tam and her friends here! Wohoo~~~~
They are fun people to hang out with! 
Jo always brings me to place for great food!!! Famous Korean BBQ, Taiwanese hot pot, Japanese sushi, Hong Kong dim sum, and more~~~
She is like an angel to me, so blessed and grateful!!! 
And thanks to her, I experienced my first "Yatch Party" wohooo!!! 
It was the celebration for her boyfriend's birthday surprise party, and I get to involve in that!
Met lot of her x-classmates, most of them designers now, fun and great people.
Besides that, I saw dolphin group when we sailed off the shores!!!! First dolphins watch! It was exciting and I really love it! 
Thanks Jo, couldn't thank you enough for your warm hospitality, everything that you did for me was a blast!
Really wish that we will meet again, until the day we meet, take care! 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Jersey--->New Jersey

One of the exciting part about travel with no plan was..... you never know what will happen next!
Just like me, crashing into a wedding without knowing who is the bride and bridegroom, awesome~
Hahahaha...So, while I was in New Jersey, Pastor Jonathan and his wife have to attend a camp in Philadelphia, 
they planned to take me along with them, but because I decided to fly to LA on the day they come back from camp, 
and I don't want to make them rush for that, so is better I just stay back in New Jersey. I planned to stay somewhere else, 
but they worried about me and my safety, so, they contacted their friend, Jerry whom we met in Lifegame, 
and served together too, asked him take care of me.
They are too nice! So, in the end, I stayed at his house for three days, and get to know his sister, Dani.
They decided to take me with them to attend a wedding on Saturday, and I was able to help and join them for the wedding dinner!
We attend church service the next day and went shopping together with his sister!
This is definitely out of my expectation! Anyway, I got more new friends now from New Jersey~ hahaha

哈哈哈.....故事就发生在New Jersey,由于秋牧师和师母要到Philadelphia参加营会,原本打算把我也带过去。
但是因为我决定在他们回来的那一天飞去LA,想说怕令他们的行程太赶,我就决定留在New Jersey。
完全没想到事情会这样发展!不管怎样,我现在在New Jersey又多了一些新朋友啦!哈哈哈
Ohya, this is Jerry! Thank you so much!!! hahaha

New York--->New Jersey


Met pastor Jonathan and his wife while I participated as a volunteer for the previous Lifegame
in California. Had the opportunity to visit them and stay at their house for few days. Pastor
Jonathan just returned from Xinjiang, China, and I just came back from East Asia, so we both
were at the same jet lag moment, and adjusted from that together. We eat and sleep, woke
up and eat again, like pigs. His wife cooks great food, so I was really enjoyed the chill time
while staying at their house. There was one-day uncle Ming Fa took us out for lunch, I met
him from Lifegame too. Eat and chat, we talked about coffee ministry, creative ministry, and
the ministry the plan to start in Xinjiang. He was amazed after he heard my ideas on ministry,
and encourage me to join them and go to Xin Jiang, hahahaha! I've never been to Xin Jiang,
so, it was really tempting. Well, we'll see! You never know.

East Asia--->New York


After came back from East Asia, I stayed in New York for a day or two, but because I was still having jet lag, so I don't really want to go out
However, there was one day I went out with friends at 1 am to New York Times Square, walking in the streets, eating hot dogs, enjoying the night.


There was another day, I have the opportunity to visit Columbia University, also participated in their campus Chinese Bible study, and met some new friends.
Ohya,  some scenes from the old Spider-Man movie was taken in this university!
We also went into his classroom and have a look! Hahaha