Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Part of College Life #49

When you realized you only left 3 days till the real performance..... oh no!! 
Keep calm and practice!

Tammy and Kaleb are in town!!!!

It was a blessing to have Tammy and Kaleb over!!!
It's like having your family came over to visit, gave you the warmest hug and supportive words....
So much laughter, story sharing, food, and encouragement!!!
Love them so much!!!
They came on Friday afternoon, visited some faculties, and they visited my studio and my dorm!!!
They met my roommates and had some fun time talking to them!!
Went out for dinner at Hickory Station and second round bubble tea time at my favorite House of Nom Nom!
And... the next day, we went to Taste Full Bean for breakfast, and had one-on-one conversation!
Get to shared our life on campus, our experiences, our thoughts and faith with them.

I'm so glad they enjoyed the visit, that mean so much to me!!!!
How I wish they could stay longer, then I can show them all my friends, the places for good food!!
And also..... cook for them!!! hahahahha

Recorded on Oct 10-11, 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Soccer Game in SC

This was crazy!
Didn't expect that many students will go to South Carolina just to support our soccer team!
Most of the soccer players are international students, so that's a way to show support.
I don't even know it was in South Carolina, only knew it was at Limestone College. Found out that when we almost arrive!
Well, it was super cold on that night, shouting and cheering for the team!
In the end, our team lose, 2 v.s.0
But I was really impressed that this game brings the students together, cheer for them and be part of them! 
What a great experience!

Recorded on Nov 9, 2017

Part of College Life #48

When your friend gave you a chair and our roomie loves it and claimed that....

CRU Bible Study!

Yes~ It's CRU bible study time!!! 
Every Tuesday night at 7:30pm!!

Recorded on Nov 7, 2017

FYE course assistant!!

So..... FYE means First Year Experience, and I'm course assistant in this class. 
The title of this class is "intercultural communication", it's a very interesting course.
Talks about how different culture people interact with each other, body language, different 
cultural greetings, issues in different countries, and more....
Glad to be part of that, having fun while getting to meet these freshmen and be their friends! 
Recorded on Nov 7, 2017

Cheryl is in town!!!

Cheryl was here in Hickory, met her at the IWL Chicago conference in March. When I saw her, I can't stop myself but started to express myself about how much I love India's culture! We talked about Indian food and traditional dresses. Hahaha, that's how I remembered her! She works in the office of ELCA, who helps to build financial support and awareness for our IWL program. Didn't expect she is here, received a message in the afternoon from Kaleb by saying that she is here in Hickory for meetings, and she wants to meet Dinah and me. So in very last minutes, she decides to come take Dinah and me out for dinner. I just came back from another dinner, so this was the second round. We have a fun conversation, talking about our experiences here in college. She is an awesome and supportive lady, and I'm so blessed to have this opportunity to meet up with her.

Glad to catch up with her!

Recorded on Nov 6, 2017

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Happy birthday Autumn!!!

It's Autumn's birthday!!!
It's Autumn's birthday!!!
It's Autumn's birthday!!!

Her birthday was supposed to be on Nov5, but we planned to hang out and grab
 dinner together on Monday evening. Went to our favorite place House of Nom
Nom and ordered bibimbap and kimchi fries!!!! wohoo~~~ so great!!!

Chat and chill are what we normally do when we hang out together! Sadly, our
schedules are different from the first semester, hardly see each other as we
used to. Still, glad that she will texts me and drop by my dorm just to say hi, eat
my homecooked meal; and normally I won't say no when she needs food!

During our dinner time, I blessed her by saying a prayer and what touches my
heart was when she told me that: "Thank you, Soph, I really need prayer."
College life may seem wonderful, but actually, that could be stressful or lonely.
Blessed to have Autumn as a good friend in my challenging college life, pray
that she gets to know more about God, and follow His lead, live a life that glorifies

Recorded on Nov 6, 2017

Hmong Party!!!

I was invited to Hmong Party!
A lot of people thought it's religious party because they were confused by the name Hmong.
Hmong = Monk?

Nope, Hmong is an indigenous people in Asia. They are also one of the sub-groups of the Miao ethnicity (苗族) in China. They became a gradual southwest migration in China in the 18th century due to political unrest and to escape Chinese threats. Now, they are an ethnic group of people who live in China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.
In Laos, much Hmong sided with the opposition to the communists; after the Revolution of 1975, more than 100,000 fled from Laos into refugee camps in Thailand, and from where they were resettled to countries including the United STates, Canada, France, New Zealand and Australia.
Didn't know there is a huge population of Hmong in Hickory area, so being able to join their party is a privilege, and this is awesome!!
I was able to meet king king's cousins, friends, and family in the party! 
We danced around on the dance floor,  listened to Hmong folk and love music.
They also taught me their language too! I learned some Hmong words!!!
It was lovely and nice evening, hope to visit their New Year Party during Thanksgiving!!!
Recorded on Nov 04, 2017






Saturday, November 4, 2017




今天下午,特地去找我们学校的Dean of student ,告诉她我有这样的想法。她非常的赞成,也很高兴我有这样的想法,她说如果需要,她可以传email给全部国际学生,让他们知道这件事。也说她会帮我传email给全部的教授,看看他们是否能赞助我们的晚餐以及其他需要的东西。只叫我大胆地去做,有什么需要帮忙的尽管告诉她,实在感恩!

1. 希望这个聚餐能顺利举行,由于整个策划只有我一个人,所以还是战战兢兢的,不晓得有没有人来,也不晓得忙不忙得过来。
2. 希望透过这次的聚餐能有机会接触这些国际学生,成为他们的朋友。
3. 希望有机会向他们分享我的见证。
4. 希望教会和本地基督徒学生也能够参与,看见这方面的需要,为着福音的缘故一起服侍这些国际学生。
5. 希望这不会成为我一个人的事工,而是神的事工,让祂的名得荣耀。(心态)
6. 也请为我祷告,在课业和服侍的时间上都安排妥当。



颂慧 上

Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween night with CRU

Warm Halloween night with CRU members at Sarah's house.
Some simple snacks, killer game, and warm hugs~~~
Simple yet lovely.....
and.... this is my favorite puppy so far!!!!
She is so cute, like a teddy bear, fluffy and her cute lil paws!!!
Took me so long to take a selfie with her.... *Please ignore my ugly face~~* 
Recorded on Oct 31 2017

It's Halloween!!!

My favorite professor dressed up as spider-man!!!! 
He is my entrepreneurship professor, strict, efficient yet has the sense of humor. 
This is AWESOME!!!
I can't sop laughing when I went into class today!
and definitely take a picture with him!!! hahaah
Doesn't he looks like Superman? 
(Sir, you put on wrong costume....)
He should really dress up as a superman!! hahahahha
Recorded on 31 Oct 2017

Cultural Presentation

We have our presentation this morning in one of the FYE(First year experience) class!!! Together with Santiago(left) who comes from Argentina, and Michele(right) from Italy, the whole presentation goes smoothly~ So glad the students get to involve and interact with us!

Michele gave a presentation about Italy's food culture, Italy food really looks great from the pictures he shown us! Especially pasta and some desserts! Yum Yum Yum!!!! During his presentation, he showed us the stereotype of how American defines Italy food!
Some points I remembered.....
1. No cappuccino after 10am, it is consider breakfast, so if you order that in Italy, be prepared to be stared by people.
2. Pasta consider first course, usually come simple, without any meat, just simple. (The huge meatball pasta is only happen in US)
3. There are less processed food and snacks.
4. People spend time eating, the meal are to be enjoyed, so it could last for few hours!

Santiago and I gave a presentation about boy and girl relationship in different countries/ culture clash. Wohoo!!! We talked about....
1. How we greet each others.
2. How different when we interact with other people and opposite gender.
3. How different culture view beauty.
4. How different culture view "dating website" and "friends for benefit."
5. How different culture view friendship and romantic relationship
6. How different culture in dating.
7. How different culture view marriage.
The presentation became more interesting especially when there are some other international students in the class, and everyone gets to involve in our discussion, and it turned out fun!!!

Love it!!!

Recorded on 31 Oct 2017.

Video call from Taipei!

He visited the same place I visited a few years ago and decided video call me!!!!

It's always blessed when someone remembers you when they are doing something, see something or when they are traveling.

Yes, my lil brother is in Taiwan for discipleship game. He has his own travel time, decided to check out the mountain (象山) that are located at the opposite of Taipei 101, and video called me. So glad that he is such a big boy now, able to travel by himself while remembering me during his solo travel. Didn't expect this, but we ended up talking for half an hour, took some selfies!

He is such a blessing to me and to my life as a spiritual supporter, friend, and teammate. Can't wait to meet him, and share more stories that we faced in our life, or even go travel together!!!

Recorded on 30 Oct 2017









颂慧 上

Happy birthday daddy!!!



Recorded on 29 Oct 2017

Life group farewell/ birthday party!!!

Didn't visit the small group since I return from summer, 
went to Wednesday church life group big gathering, and invited to the Saturday party! 
Didn't want to attend any Halloween party, so I decided to go to life group party without a hesitation.
I had a great time there, met some new friends, ate great food, play games, and chat!
What a chill and peaceful night! 
We played this board game named "Things"! 

So that's how "Thing" goes, a reader is chosen. The reader reads aloud a Topic Card. 
All the players write a response, fold up the slip of paper and turn it into the reader.
The reader then reads them aloud once and then a second time. The players to the left of the reader have to guess who wrote which response. 
If the guesser is correct, he or she continues guessing until incorrect, at which time the player to his/her left tries guessing. Players whose responses were correctly identified are eliminated and cannot make guesses. The round ends when one player has not been matched to a response.
Each correct guess will receive 1 point, high score wins!
This is a fun game that you get to know your friends better!

Recorded on 28 Oct 2017




也都没有了服侍的热情,更别说去栽培其他学生,传福音了。求神开恩,在这个成为Bible belt(Bible-minded cities) 的地区


颂慧 上

Video call with the team!!!

在其中一天早上和大家video call,超级想念大家
Recorded on 27 Oct 2017

Random trip to the mountain!!!

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.

Decided to go on a short trip to the mountain on Friday after class.
Enjoy the breeze, love the view, love to spend time with my good friend!
Visited some vintage shops, visited Apalachin State University 
and on the way back, we stopped at the roadside just to take pictures. 
Recorded on 27 Oct 2017