Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Let the journey begin....

Dec 12, 2017
Charlotte ---> New York
1st stop
"Go, just go."

Wasn't prepare at all when I was on hoard, this sounds like a dream; sounds like a crazy plan.
Can't believe this is getting real, once I get on this plane, which means I'm on my way to Asia,
one step closer to home. Is this alright? Is this an unresponsible act? Is this a trip that's going
to please God? I've no idea. Go, just go.... Putted down whatever is in my mind, took some 
money out from my account, packed my luggages, took my passport, and headed to the airport. 
Let's go!

Dec 13, 2017
New York ---> Doha
2nd stop
"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."

Was kind of sick one week ago before this trip, worried that I wasn't able to get on plane because
I was having serious flu and cough. Well, it was a terrible night spent in New York, couldn't rest 
well at all, the only hope is that I can get on board safely and sleep for few hours. Met a couple 
from New York area, Michael and Lindsey, friendly and nice people, found out that we are going
to be on the same flight to Jakarta, sounds great! We had the opportunity to talk about this country,
Qatar, actually is an Arab country in the Middle East, it is one of the richest countries in the region
today. With 2.7 million population, this is an Islamic country, where Arabic is their main language,
sounds like an interesting country that waits to be discover, hope next time I can layover longer to 
explore this misterious country.

Dec 14, 2017
Doha ---> Jakarta
3rd stop
"Lives with no excuses, travel with no regrets."

There were some low moments in the journey, doubting am I going to the right path, questioning 
why am I doing this; especially this trip, this wasn't in my plan, but am I regreting this trip? why?
My hope is not to leave with any regrets in this trip, take this as a challenge and stop all the 
negative thoughts, instead use those time to appreciate what I have and be thankful.

Dec 15, 2017
Jakarta ---> Surabaya
4th stop
"Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once."

After three to four days travelling, finally meet up with my best friend, who is also bride-to-be.
Feels like a releave when I saw her, seems like it worth the trip here. It's my honor to be part of 
her wedding day, witness my best friend with 12 years friendship married the love of  her life. I 
would definitely regret if I didn't make my trip back, I'm so glad I didn't. 

Dec 16, 2017
Surabaya ---> Bali
5th stop
"Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times."

There are some sayings that Bali is a paradise island in a beautiful world. Well, I have no right to 
judge, although there are tons of photos online, all kinds of travel articles mention how beautiful
is this place, you never know until you witness it with your own eyes. If not because of my best 
friend's wedding, I would never had the opportunity to come visit Bali, experience the luxury Bali 
villa views, enjoy the local Bali food, and shop in the local market. However, I don't enjoy the 
humidity and scary traffic, and also the rainy season. After all, go visit if you can, is better to 
witness it yourself than listen to me, isn't it?

Friday, December 22, 2017

Farewell Melody




Recorded on Dec 11, 2017

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Roomies night!!!

Decided to have a movie night with my roommates before the end of this semester!
Started to prepare some snacks in the evening, and they started to help! Guess what we made?!
Cheese balls and cinnamon rolls, and also we have Oreos and Sprite too!!!
Cheese balls are surprisingly easy to make, just cheese and croissants instant pack, put them together and then put them in the oven.
We watched "Grinch" while enjoying the snacks!
Great time!

This semester ends in a blink, can't believe it's over soon!
Love my roommates and we should have this again!!!
Recorded on Dec 9, 2017

Waking up in the wonderland~



Recorded on Dec 9, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Snow views on campus, it's pretty! Isn't it?

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

As you know, Malaysia never snow! So that's why I'm so excited when I see snow because it's too precious! 

So, on the first day of our finals, it snows!!! This was unexpected! The weather forecast said it may snow in the evening, but the chances 2 inches snow is rare. However, it started to snow at 1pm, and it was thick and heavy! So some of the finals time has to switch and some need to cancel. That doesn't affect me that much, as long as I can enjoy the snow, then that's good enough! Enjoying the snow by walking around campus, although it is cold, still couldn't stop me from touching and licking the falling snow! Never build a snowman, so my friends and I went down to the track filed and started to build a snowman! End up it became a snowbear! hahaha!!! It's almost as tall as I am, with an LR hat and a scarf! It's so adorable! Can't stop but take pictures!! 

Thanks for the early snow as my Christmas gift, North Carolina! What a surprise to interrupt our finals, and what a great way to end our semester! Love it!!!

International Office

Before this semester end, we took some pictures with the exchange students!!!!
They are leaving after this semester, which is next week... Have to keep the memories
Love these pictures!!! Love the smile, joyful background, and the "Bear" spirit!
Merry Christmas!!!

Recorded on Dec 7, 2017

Eat well, study well

Feed your friends well before finals~!

I cooked Japanese curry and invited my friends to come and enjoy the meal. 
A way to relax through eating, eat well and study well, last food gathering for this semester!
oh yeah~~~~~~

Recorded on Dec 07, 2017

Part of College Life #54

As you can see, finals are near.......

Study day

We have this study day before finals start, my professor brought 4 boxes of donut and fed us well~
Enjoy the cold day with donut while developing film.
Haven't study yet...ohno~

Recorded on Dec 7, 2017

Part of College Life #53

When non-Chinese trying to draw a Chinese tattoo....hahahah

Part of College Life #52

First time see so many students lined up in front of my professor's office....

Secret Santa!

We had this Secret Santa small gathering where all of us drew a name one week before, then find a gift for that person!
Simple yet sweet! We all got a gift from each other! 
I received a gift from Florian! It was an album with a lot of pictures from Germany with the descriptions and information!
Telling me where shall I visit when I go to Germany. What a thoughtful gift!!!
I had so much fun just hang out with them!! 
Recorded Dec 2, 2017

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Part of College Life #51

Found a little kid in the art department, he told me he wants to paint a volcano, grabbed some paints and paintbrushes for him...
And in the end, we did a collaboration!!! Hahahah
What a day! 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Salsa Dance night

Always want to learn ballroom dance when I was young, love exposed to different type of dance, enjoy the culture.
Had this opportunity to go to a Salsa Dance celebration in Charlotte with some international students.
The dance celebration located at Mint Museum, it started at 8pm, saw some professional dance performance.
And they open the dance floor for everyone to go in and dance with a dance partner! 
Love it!!! So fun!!
I danced with Santiago, Michele, and Florian! Laughed so much because I look so dumb among all the professional dancers...
But who cares?! hahah .. Allow yourself to relax, follow the music and dance!
But it is really fun! And they provided a little dance workshop taught us Bachata and Salsa. 
Can't believe we danced for 3 hours!!! So much fun compared to normal party! hahahah
Hope we can come again, enjoy the atmosphere, and learn the dance!
Had some selfie before we leave, and also took a picture at the big Christmas tree!
What a lovely and enjoyable night!!!
Recorded on Dec 2, 2017