Sunday, April 15, 2018

African food night!!!

We were invited to try this African beef stew, which was fun!!!!!!!
Never try this before, served with potatoes chips, and rice~~~
So blessed!!!!!

Recorded on 03 Mar 2018.

First Friday

It's First Friday!!!
Our church started this young adult outreach ministry, similar to alpha, where you will invite friends to come over for food, some simple games, worship, watch a video then discuss. 
Erin and I invited a huge group of students to come, and we even had a van came and pick us up from campus.
We talk about adulting, especially focus on self-identity.
It was fun and I get to meet some of the girls and had some quality time with them!!!
Can't wait to see them next Month!!!
Recorded on 02 Mar 2018.

Artist life

Rushing this piece for few days.... none stop editing.....

Recorded on 28 Feb 2018.

Part of College Life #60

Everyone thought I didn't receive the newspaper that I was on a few days ago, decided to save some for me!!!
So sweet!!!

Recorded on 28 Feb 2018.

Small group night

Rushed back from Kuru Beach, went straight to the church for student ministry.
Luckily there wasn't much to prepare, it was small group night.
So, basically, it's a night for us to hang out individually with our own small group students, do something fun together. 
We had food together and also played some games together. It was really fun and chill night!
Recorded on 25 Feb 2018.

Broyhill Leadership Training

At first, I have no idea what was this, only knew that I was nominated by the professors an staffs as a leader on campus and had the opportunity to go on a leadership training at Kuru Beach. Well, leadership training, I should go and check it out how they do this, so I signed up, found out that I have some friends who are coming along, such as Santi, Fatou, Hannah, and Juan. Sounds great!!!
We traveled on Friday, spent a weekend at the beach. Hoop onto the bus, get ourselves a comfortable seat, then passed out for few hours until we arrive the beach.
My heart was so pumped when we arrived the beach, it kinds of reminded me of home, the sound of the wave and wind, the sand, the sea and the beach...Can't wait, but ran towards the beach after I drop my luggage into the room.
Barefoot walking at the beach, taking pictures, enjoying the weather, listening to the sound of the wave, feeling the wind, love this!!!

We had training, team building games, discussion for most part of our time there, 
Well, Ever since young, I have gone through a lot of leadership training, planned and run training that helps others to be a leader for a 
couple years, and now studying in LR through the scholarship titled International Women’s Leader Scholarship. Even though I went 
through all these training, still, I’m in the process of learning to be a leader. Isn’t everyone can be a leader? What is that mean by being 
a leader? Being the talkative one in a group? Being the most social one in a group? Being the one who has most ideas in a group? 
Being the smartest one in the group? Being the one who does all the work in a group? 
We had some crazy fun Spoon game before bed,  had some huge pizza! 
Ohya, and we went to the aquarium on Saturday afternoon!!! Watching the fishes are so healing to me, I can watch that for the whole afternoon. 
Went out for dinner with a group of new friends!  
Simple night~

Throughout that 3 days 2 nights’ leadership retreat, it was a great time building relationship with other students, team building, and 
also a good refresh on the leadership role. I kept asking myself what makes a great leader? All the games we played gave us a lot of 
idea of how leadership is like, such as communication, listening, understanding, teamworking, humility, having clear focus and 
vision, being inspiring. What I found very helpful was the last day activity, where we need to pick up the words that best speak about our 
past, present and future. By recognizing what we been in the past, the challenges we had, it’s so powerful to see how it transformed 
us. How it formed our characteristics and shaped us to be who we are now, and our hope and dream in future. 

What makes a great leader? 
To me, a leader who can see the need, not only respond to the need humbly but also create the atmosphere and inspire others to respond the need together, 
that’s a leader.
Recorded on 23-25 Feb 2018.

Night with young adults~~~

Enjoy the night by having some good frozen yogurt with the young adults from our church....
Wednesday is a blast!!

Recorded on 21 Feb 2018.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Scholar Luncheon

We were invited to the Scholar Luncheon this noon, have to dress up nicely and behave well.
Had a fancy lunch with people I never met before, met some donors, some fun people, and took a bunch of photos! hahahah
(More photos are coming~~~~)

Well, always be thankful for what we have!

Recorded on 21 Feb 2018

Bible study night

Went to Sarah's house for Bible Study as usual on Tuesday night, she cooked spaghetti for us!! yummy!!!!
Ohya, the garlic bread is a blast! I ate three pieces!

Recorded on 20 Feb 2018

Part of College Life # 59

Professor brought us two boxes of donuts for the class!!
And he asked me to take the rest of the donut back with me!!!
Happy Monday!!!

Recorded on 19 Feb 2018

Monday Lunch date!

Went to Eric office together with Dinah to discuss our trip to Chicago, showed him our flight itinerary
and our trip in details so he can help up book the flight.
He is always like a father to us, helps us settle everything, takes us to the bank, takes us to buy clothes,
isn't he is great?! hahahaha. After the short meeting, three of us went out for lunch, because today the
dinning hall is packed with a lot of visitors. In order to avoid the crowd, we went to a Mexican restaurant!
Rancho Viejo! Ordered steak and shrimp for myself as a meat lover, super delicious!!! hahah


We had some great conversation, updating our lives, enjoy great food, and laughed a lot!!!
Enjoyed this simple precious time together like a family!

Recorded on 19 Feb 2018

CNY dinner!!!

Chinese New Year Celebration dinner !!!

We had a wonderful Chinese New Year Food Gathering, yes, FOOD!!!
(Basically, nonstop eating is what we do during Chinese New Year.)
Cook most of the food, but also special thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to making this gathering fun and success,
I definitely can't do this by myself.
Fun and simple dinner night with them, enjoyable night!!!

Recorded on 16 Feb 2018