Thursday, October 19, 2017




Part of College Life #45

Withdraw a class today, feeling relief.....

I tried to sustain in the class, telling myself I can do it, I can make the difference by studying until late night, asked my friends, look for tutors; however, that doesn't work at all. So before fall break, I decided to withdraw that class without hesitation.

Most of the time we hold on to something just because of the worldly prestige and waits for it to kill us slowly.

Recorded on 12 Oct 2017

Part of College Life #44

Midterm view.... everyone working on presentation, papers, and exam~~~

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Homecoming with the girls from Newberry

Girls who receive the same scholarship as I do come and visited me!!!!

Our football team versus Newberry football team, so I called Abby and asked whether is she wants to come up to cheer for her school and visit me...
Guess what, she said yes! and she took the other two girls along!!!
They came on Friday night and stayed for two days!! It was definitely a fun experience and fun time to meet up!
I cooked some food for them, and we also went to my favorite restaurant for bubble tea!!!
Our football team loses, and it rains unexpectedly.... 
However, we had some great time together, I introduced them some of my friends, and visited the soccer party together!
Recorded on 6th- 8th Oct 2017

Home cooked meal

When you have a sister who can cook so well! Wohoo!!!!
My sister/ professor cooked some authentic Chinese food, and invited me, one of the professor and Michele to her apartment for dinner.
So blessed and I can't stop eating because the food is so yummy! 
I guess that's why I don't miss home cooked food that much but Malaysia's cultural food, hahahha

Recorded on 9th Oct 2017

Good "PHO" u!

Yum Yum Yum.......

Recently there is a new Vietnamese restaurant open near our campus, decided to go and try it out. One of my
friend Zoe was tempted by the food photos taken on my Phone, so she wants to go and eat lunch with me.
However, we both have no transportation, so she asked Charlotte for help. That's how we get together
and eat lunch together! hahah

I guess because it opens recently, so there was a line waiting to be seated during lunch time. (Everyone
wants to try it!) and we waited for 20-30 mins for our food to come, and we were so hungry~~ Anyway, at
least the food didn't disappoint us, it was delicious!! Love the flavor, so Asian~~~I ordered noodle with meat
and meatball, my favorite!

Definitely will come back again with different people, perhaps not during lunch hour in weekday. Hahaha

Recorded on 6th Oct 2017

Chinese Cultural

My sister/ professor was having her convocation about Chinese dance, it turned out great!!
So glad that she shows this and helps the students exposed to new culture other than America. 
Wonderful work!!!

Recorded on 6th Oct 2017

Italian food~

Dinner with international students!
Hosted a small foot gathering in my dorm, for Italian food!
I was planning to cook it, but since Michele comes from Italy
so he cooks!!!

Part of College Life #43

Tutor life.....

Feed yourself with decent food.....

Campus food is terrible (most of the time), so.....that push me to learn how to cook and feed myself well.

Fall Getaway!!!!

Amazing time with friends from CRU at Fall Getaway.
Praise, worship, spent time with God and built our friendship through having lunch or dinner together. 
Love the fellowship!!!

Guess what!!! I was able to meet my friends from Summer Mission!! Small reunion!!!
Especially with Roy, non-stop bringing back the memories we had together during Summer Mission.
Love that! 
I bet you saw my oversized outfit, hahaha.... we had themed party!!!
It's "90's", well, I'm from 90, so basically, I don't need to dress up, hahaha
but, everyone takes it seriously, so Sarah lent me her sweater she brought from Goodwill~

Before the party, everyone learning the dance from 90's, hahahhahahha.....
Recorded from Sept 29- Oct 1

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Free Movie Night!!!

Ever since I came to the US, watch movie became a luxury for me because one movie ticket costs around
$10-12, which is RM40-50, of course not!!! But luckily there is an old movie theater so we can watch the
outdated movie every end of the month for free!!! So, Thursday night, I went and watched Atomic blonde
with international students, free movie, free drinks and free popcorn! Why not?!


Record on 28th Sept 2017