Sunday, May 20, 2018

Food gathering on Easter Sunday

If you can't do great things, do little things with great love. If you can't do them with great love, do them with a little love. 
If you can't do them with a little love, do them anyway. 
Love grows when people serve.

Had another small food gathering in my dorm on Easter Sunday night.
Simple, gathered some sweet people in my dorm, enjoy food, fun conversation, and fellowship.
This Easter break was simple yet meaningful to just serve and show love. 

Recorded on 01 April 2018

Bye ying girl!!!

At first, ying girl planned to stay for a week, then decided to stay for 5 days, 
who knows in the end, she only stayed for 3 days due to the transportation issue, 
since her family traveled back to Charlotte from Raleigh , so they decided to come and picked her up before the food gathering we planned tonight. 
Sad~~~~ but instead of being sad, we recorded another two songs and made this day even meaningful and memorable!
Thanks for came over and spent Easter break with me!
So grateful, to be able to communicate with our local slang that I missed, 
to be able to cook and eat together, to be able to encourage and pray for each other every night before goes to bed, 
what else can I ask for?
Thankful for such a great spiritual partner in life!! 
Recorded on 01 April 2018

Easter Sunday

Last year this day, I reborn again.... 
Although God shaped me throughout my whole life, last year Good Friday, I went to the river and nearly drown in the river.
I decided not to attend Good Friday service but went to the river, because of my self-pleasure and proud attitude,  I jumped into the river, 
the water was freezing cold and I couldn't feel my legs, and I couldn't reach the riverside, I thought I was going to die on that day.
God really shows me His grace and mercy, although I don't deserve that, 
I don't even remember how did I reach the riverside, and I hold on to the rock tightly.
Didn't tell many people about this incident, but past Easter Sunday, I went to a church and received a new Bible.

We need to reborn again and again although we called ourselves His disciples or followers because often time we take His grace for granted.
This Sunday, my roommate Sophie came to church with me and Ying girl, happy for that!!!
And after that, we went to lunch together, enjoyed the soup, pizza, and yummy dessert!
What a lovely Easter Sunday!!!
Recorded on 01 April 2018

Food gathering for Easter Break

Since my friend is here for Easter Break, so I didn't plan any trip for this break but choose to stay on campus. 
Found out there are some international students are staying on campus too, maybe we can get together for food.
While I was thinking about that, realized that I only have limited money to spend, after I calculated the amount of money I can spend, 
perhaps I can only invite 8-9 friends to come over, but, what about others? 
Well, pray and see, the worst is to buy a lot of chips and drinks, hahaha 
really hope I can invite more people to come over.
On Saturday morning, before I went and do some shopping, I met an angel that told me to invite everyone and not to worry for the money....
Wow~ super thankful!!
In the end, we had 14-16 students came over and able to feed people for two nights!
Recorded on 31 March 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Of course you need to try some home-cooked meal!

We spent most of our day outside, so for our dinner, we decided to stay back in my dorm.
I cook a simple meal for ying girl, steamed chicken drumstick with special sauce and stir-fried vegetable!

Simple and yummy!!

While we were having our dinner, we started to sing a duet song, pulled out the guitar, played and enjoyed the night!
Ohya, we even recorded the song!!! hahahhaahah.... let me post it up in the next blog post!

Stay tune!!!

Recorded on 30 March 2018

Next stop, bubble tea~~~

Yes, after coffee in the morning, we went to the grocery store and then went to my favorite bubble tea place!!!
House of Nom Nom!!!
Never get bored of that! Too good!!!
What's the next place that I should take ying girl? 

Recorded on 30 March 2018

My friend from Malaysia come visit!

Ying girl is here in Hickory!!! This is the first time I have a friend from Malaysia that came over to visit!
Took her to my favorite coffee place for coffee!!!
She will stay here for this Easter break!! So happy!!!!!

Recorded on 30 March 2018

Student Ministry

Sneak peak from our youth group/student ministry!!! Always fun and full of joy!!! 
Recorded on 25 March 2018

Part of College Life #61

College student's life.... hahaha... no money to trim/cut hair...
homestyle saloon

Recorded on 24 March 2018

Coffee time

Spent Friday morning with Abby as usual for our coffee time!
Discipleship time...

Recorded on 23 March 2018

Las Isabelas

Found out an authentic Mexican restaurant in our town, surprisingly my friend never took me there!
hahaha... when Grace found out I never been there before, she took me there for lunch!
Simple food store beside the grocery store, this reminded me the food store back in Malaysia
normally that's where all the good food located! hahaha
I love food hunting!!!
The food here is so cheap and delicious!!! Really love it!
Definitely will come back again!!!

Recorded on 22 March 2018


Finally, it's Springtime!!!!
This year winter was wired, long, cold and miserable.
So glad it's finally spring, with beautiful flowers blossom around the campus, lively and happy!

Recorded on 22 March 2018