Thursday, August 25, 2016



因为从中国飞往纽约的飞机误点,我没能赶上去North Carolina 的飞机,结果被安排搭第二天早上的飞机,但那却是在另一个机场。而第二天去到机场,却说我手持的机票没有在系统里面,于是要我回去之前的机场问清楚。


Most of the people share good news instead of bad news, but to be truth, I faced troubles when I arrived in New York. I thought God was still on His way or He missed His flight to US, because everything seems not in His control as usual.

The flight from Shang Hai was delayed, go through immigration, wait for luggage and that caused me missed my flight to North Carolina. So, the staff re-booked another flight for me which will be on the next day morning, at another airport called Laguadia Airport. So on the next day morning, I went to the airport and they told me that the paper ticket was invalid, they couldn't track the booking no. So I have to go back to JFK airport to clear things out.

Went back to the airport, found out that the staff only comes to work in the afternoon, so I have to waited in the airport until they came and re-booked another flight for me. Good news is: My flight will be on the next day! Bad news is: I have to carry all the luggage back to the hotel.

Spent two days in New York, only ate breakfast, or else were waiting in the airport or hotel and dare not to eat, 
because the transportation fees costed a lot. Had some food after everything was settled.





Finally on board safely on 20th August, look back to this unexpected 
experience, I think God knew that I would be busy when f arrive in 
Campus, so stopped me in New York for some rest before heading to Campus.

Thanks God for giving me strength to face all these challenges,
and knowing there are more to come in my life. 
I can't simply give up, and shouldn't lose faith in God.

But feel bad to the person in charge of this project, who thought 
that I lost in New York and almost call for police to look for me.
Apologize for that.

20th Aug 2016 record

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