Thursday, August 25, 2016

Boarding time




This is another solo trip, but this trip is going to be long, and far at the same time. For most of the people, it's always hard to leave home for such a long time. I hold my tears until I reached Shang Hai, China, had a quiet time there writing my journal, it brought me into tears when flashed back on my dad last word to me before I leave, he says: "You have been leaning on my shoulder for 23 years, my shoulder may no longer reach you as you are going to the States, but I knew that there is a greater shoulder for you to lean on, He will protect you and guide you. Trust Him and stay close to Him."

I'm still feeling nervous, but God reminds me through today's quiet time. Wrote it down before boarding:
"Accomplished God's promise through the pace of faith."
Put up my backpack, on board, with courage.

17th Aug 2016 record

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