Wednesday, March 22, 2017

International Women's Leader Conference in Chicago!!!

Spent a weekend in Chicago together with other girls who also under this scholarship program from different campus. 
It just too short for me to really get to know them, but we do have a great time together, learning, sharing, and building friendship together within that few days
不管怎样,还是搭上了下一趟的飞机,平安抵达芝加哥,也在机场遇上其他的女生。 哈哈
It's not the first time travel to somewhere else, so I'm not that afraid, but I missed my flight randomly, hahaha....*stupid me*
Anyway, I managed to catch on the next flight, and reached Chicago safely, and met some of the girls in the airport. Ohyeah~~~~
Go to the hotel by shuttle and it was 9pm, and the girl I share room with already asleep.
So, after I get my late dinner, time to sleep!!! Meet my new friend in the early morning~~!!! Phephile!!
Conference included devotion, introduction about this program, talks about across cultures, know about Chicago, 
recognition of 2017 graduates and academic achievements, visit ELCA churches, learn about Global Church Sponsorship and more..... 
Met some of the pastors from International Leaders' Program, that was nice, had some great conversation with them. 
Ohya, I met Loney!!! The girl who came from the same place as I do from Sabah, hahahhaha....
just like one click, and we became good friend!!!
She is a fun person to hangout with!
We had some sweet gathering in our hotel room too!!!! Dance and enjoy the time together....

After Sunday service, some people left, those who remain to get to visit downtown!!!
It's always sad to say good bye!!!

3rd March - 6th March 2017 record

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