Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Break 趴趴走

Easter break, Abby visited me from South Carolina, wasn't able to go to the beach, so we went to waterfall and hike.
Almost die there, the hike was so tiring (didn't exercise for so long...)
but the view is great!!!!!
So tempted to jump from the top of waterfall, but glad I didn't do that because I might die~~~~~
and the water is so cold!!! =.="
So, I just chill and sat at the side, sun-bathing~~~
Went to Asheville for Korean Food!!!! Stop by the pretty downtown, and walked around~~~
Enjoy the music, the light, and the people there! 

On the next day, we were too tired from the previous hike, so decided to stay in hickory, 
we visited the bookstore, did some shopping, and cooked curry!!!!!! 
Sunday morning, we went to Elevation Church in Charlotte for Easter Service.
Nice and awesome experience!!!!!

Grab lunch at 3pm, and walk around downtown Charlotte and after that, we head back.
Cooked a simple meal, and then Abby head back to her College....
Short meet up, but fun and most important, get to know more about this crazy yet nice lady!!!
Not sure when will we meet up again, but I will miss her so much!!!!!

14th- 16th April 2017 record

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