Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend in Black Mountain!

Spent my weekend at Black Mountain for my East Asia trip briefing, before the trip, my laptop wasn't
functioning, and my phone's plan was having some issues. I was panic a little bit, but choose to left my laptop
in my dorm, without bringing it with me. Perhaps God wants me to stay focus during that briefing, so....
Let's just forget about it!

The briefing was surprisingly great and helpful. Able to meet my group and spent some times together and
build our relationship, getting some useful information about the place, and some other great tips for travel
and how to raise support. Feeling grateful for my group, and we are going to spend one whole month together!
I love my group and can't wait to meet them after three weeks!

I'm still working on my support raising, and the total amount is $5000, and I'm still a lack of $5000, such a
big amount to raise within this three weeks. If I couldn't raise the total amount, I can't get on the plane.
I really pray that I can go to East Asia. What a step of faith, gonna try my best and let God do the rest!

Please keep me in your prayer~!

Thank you!!!

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