Monday, July 10, 2017

Together we make a family

Together we make a family.

Found another family during my trip to East Asia, 
we love, we play, we learn, we share, we laugh, we fight, 
together we gain all great memories. 
I learned a lot from each of them, not only physically but also spiritually: 
from Logan, I learn to trust God's plan;
from Jillian, I learn to smile in every situation;
from Courtneigh, I learn to be humble, effective and patient;
from Maddison, I learn to be brave in every challenge;
from Savannah, I learn to be caring and loving;
from Bethany, I learn to show enthusiastic and friendly to everyone;
from Jacob, I learn to be compassionate to others;
from Roy, I learn to be a good listener and a supporter;
from Isaiah, I learn to be thoughtful and strong.
I'm so grateful for all of them, feel so blessed to know them and be part of the family!
Can't wait to meet ya'll soon!!!

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