Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bible study- Make room for......

I love bible study group, not only draw me closer to God, but also give me more inspiration and learn more.
So this Thursday, instead of having bible study at Anna and Sarah's house, we moved to a classroom, with the different arrangement, 
and the blackboard was written down the title of tonight, "Make Room for....."
Every day, we are busy and put our own work, study, hobby, friends, family as a priority in our life. 
We might have some extra time for something else, but most of the time, we don't even have time for that.
So tonight, with the title "Make Room for...", through all the different corners, such as children, poor people, 
our neighbor, widows, orphan, church, lost cause, our enemies, and our self-righteous, we 'make room' for all 
these single things, read the passage from the Bible, reflect on it, and pray.
We were required to bring our bible and journal, to write down whatever God speak to us through all these special corners. 
We can choose to go randomly without any order and spend as much time as we want until we are ready to move on to the next corner.

Isn't that sweet??

Really enjoy myself with the whole arrangement, able to spend time talk to God, reflect, and record whatever comes to my mind. 
Love it!!!!!

23th February 2017 record 

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