Friday, February 17, 2017

pho?! (fa?)

Sneak out from campus to get some great food!

My friend, King brought me to try great "pho" since I never had it before, hahahahaha.....and why not?
So after she done with her class at 12pm, she came and pick me up, and make our way to pho 777, I heard that's the best place to eat pho in town. Ohyeah~~~~ I ordered kids meal of pho with rare meat and meatball, while King ordered spring roll and fried tou fu for me to try. (I'm so glad I order kid's meal.....!!!!! I can't imagine
if I get normal size, I might not be able to walk with a full stomach.) Love pho, that reminded me the noodle
soup I used to had in Thailand. yum yum yum!!!!
16th February 2017 record

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