Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dinner with new friends!!!

Yes yes yes, food again~!!!!!!
This time, with more people, we went to American honor for tonight's dinner. It is a nice Western restaurant and near our campus.
I love meeting new people, exploring their habits, characters, attitudes through conversation, and..... yes, food~
Meet some junior and senior students from international department, share about our own culture and  learn to respect other's culture. 
Meet a girl, Kang Moah, who is a Mong (来自越南的苗族), found out that we share the same interest and love same type of food!!!!!
(Such as love korean and Japanese food, she speaks Thai, she watch Korean and Chinese Drama....) I was so happy and full of excitement 
during the conversation, as if I found my long lost sister~~~ hahahahhahahah

A night with full of laughs and joy, and we went to Dilishi for frozen yogurt as our dessert of the night, what a great way to end our gathering!!!

15th January 2017

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