Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chinese New Year, Chor 2!!







Let's make dumplings!!!!

Chinese New Year basically is  'nonstop eating' holiday for me, so these few days I keep eating~

My friends suggested we should meet up and celebrate Chinese New Year together,
and try Chinese foods, but with limited time, a number of people, and the location problem,
so we decided to use the simplest way to cook, which is making dumpling!!!!

It had been a long time since my last dumpling making, but I think that would be fun if everyone can participate and try it together.
So we went to Asian Market and Walmart to get all the food ingredients, and prepared the dumpling fillings, 
so that everyone can choose their own fillings and wrap their own dumplings.
I taught them how to wrap dumpling, and let them try their own, it went well!
I think they love it, hahahah.... in the end, we had a lot of dumplings!
Helped to cook the dumplings, feeling satisfied!!!

At first, I'm planning to cook Chinese Sticky Rice Ball as dessert, but failed because I bought the wrong flour. Luckily we still have ice-cream as dessert!!

I'm going to try again next time!
Anyway, I'm still happy for the successful dumpling making!!
Seems like these few days keep cooking in the kitchen, and understand my grandma's feeling every time she has to cook alone and prepare all the meals during all the festivals. Isn't easy~~~

I was well trained these few days in the kitchen, and able to cook lots of food, cooking going to be my next hobby, hahahah.....
I'm going to cook more!!!

29th January 2017 record

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