Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trip to Charlotte with International students!

Went to international students' meeting in the morning and met some new friends who comes from Germany
and China. (Yes, international students from China!!! I was so excited and can't wait to speak Mandarin with them,
hahahahahah.....) During the meeting, in order to make the international students feeling welcome, someone
suggested to go and visit Charlotte, so we randomly decided to go Charlotte in the evening, and that's how our
trip started. *so random~~~*

In the beginning, we planned to go visit the "Paint and Play" art showcase, but out of our expectation, and
after 10 mins, we left......*if you want to know why, ask me privately~ hahahahah*

Went around and look for food, non of us familiar with this place, no idea what to eat here, in the end, we
stopped by a Mexican fast food and grab some taco and burritos, having a great time by learning different
culture, it is always fun and exciting!!!!

Walk around downtown Charlotte, enjoy the city lights, cold wind, tall buildings, bar music and street skateboarding,
simple yet fun! Know each other a lil bit more, and really hope they enjoy themselves, big thanks to Kristi, who
drove us back and forth, and be our tour-guide, yay!!!!!

13th January 2017

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