Saturday, November 12, 2016

Let's meet Tammy and Kaleb!

Finally have this opportunity to meet Kaleb and Tammy in person, I know, FINALLY!!!!!
Especially Kaleb, after one year of  email communication, and I found out that 
he is not that old as I expected....hahahah

So excited when we first met, and I received warm hugs from them~
^^ yay~

The relationship with them so close yet so far, hard to explain the feeling, nervous, 
excitement, curious all these feelings mix together, but we had some great time 
together by having great meal and interesting conversation. 

Last night, Eric introduced this bistro named Hickory Station to us, that's the place 
we had our dinner, everything sounds delicious on the menu, I've no idea what to get, 
so just randomly ordered something that sounds yummy~

and we have pumpkin cheese cake as dessert!!! <3

This morning, just three of us, went to Cafe Gouda for breakfast.
Get to share more about myself, even show them my artworks....wohooo~~
Besides that, I shared some ministry we are running in Sabah, such as youth
outreach ministry, SRT blessing store, creative ministry and more...

Feeling thankful for their huge support, not just physically, but also mentally.
Couldn't thank them enough......

Thank you International Women Leadership Scholarship Program for giving me 
this opportunity to be trained here in US, that I may bless the World, churches, 
and people with what I've learned.

Thank you, Tammy and Kaleb~!!!
Blessed to have you both!!
and I can't wait to meet you both again in Chicago~!
<3     <3    <3 
P.S.: Kaleb's selfie...... (cool angle huh?! hahahah) 
 12th November 2016

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