Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sunday lunch~~~~

 After Sunday service, meet for lunch, we have Merissa, Megan, and Tanya join us for lunch
at Wild Wok, Asian cuisine. Great time to meet new people, actually not new friends, we attend same church service, but this
is our first time meet for lunch, and found out that Megan and Tanya know how to make dresses,
so cool!!!! I'm planning to design, and make my own prom dress, and this will be so great if they can teach me, sounds cool right?!?!
Yay~! Can't wait for our "sewing" gathering!!!!

Glad to have conversation with new people, find commons, build relationship and connection in
this place!

星期天崇拜结束后,和几位新朋友Merissa, Megan, 和 Tanya 一起到Wild Wok共进午餐。挺高兴能够遇新朋友,其实也不是新朋友,是同一个教会的朋友,但这是我们第一次一起吃午餐,竟然在聊天时意外发现Megan和Tanya会做衣服,好酷!!! 我其实一直以来都有打算自己设计并学做礼服,嘿嘿嘿~ 看来现在能有真的实现了,听起来不错吧!!!迫不及待下一次的"缝制"聚会!!!


13th November 2016

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