Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Random sleepover....Let's meet Abby!

(mom and dad said we both look alike, what do you think? hahah)

"My friends will come and sleepover!!!"

I was excited when Abby told me she will come and sleepover together with her best friend,
it was random, but I said no problem.
After that I realized we haven't meet each other yet, opssss.....
too late~! hahahahaha
Still, moved my cabinet, vacuumed my room, ready blankets and so,
I'm going to meet friends that I never met before!!!
sounds crazy~
Anyway, Abby is one of the students under ELCA International Women Leadership Program
just like me! but she came here last year, and currently studying in Newberry College in South Carolina.
Abby and her friend Diana went to concert on Friday night, so stop by my dorm and sleepover,
they arrived at 12++am, it was so cold outside, 
guess what, after Abby and I started communicate in Mandarin, 
local Mandarin came out and our non-stop conversation about everything last until 3am.
Didn't expect we get along easily~ hahahah....

I think you will like her when you meet her! ^^

Next day, we woke up at 10:30 a.m. , get ready, short singalong, packed stuff and went for breakfast!
We had a short campus tour, and selfie time too!
Great time hanging out together, meet new friends, and can't wait to meet them again!
Oh yeah!!! 

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