Saturday, September 10, 2016

Friday night!!!

最近比较常去Sarah 的房间做功课,星期五傍晚也去她房间读书,吃水果。
临时决定去看戏 "Suicide Squad"在 9:50pm,好棒!!!
$10.75 一张票 = RM40+ 一张票(犹如烧钱~~~惨了!)

Hang out in Sarah's room to study and having some fruits on Friday night.
Decided to go for movie "Suicide Squad", at 9:50pm, wohoo~!!!! 
$10.75 for a ticket, = RM40+ a ticket (burning money~~~~ ohno~)
Half way the movie, I suddenly remember I have a homework to pass up 
before 11:59pm, ohno~~!!!
I was worrying while watching movie......quickly check the due date when 
I reached my dorm, it was 12:10am.....and found out that the due date is 
next Friday, phewww~~~~~~~~~~ 
ohmy~~~ scared me.

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