Sunday, September 11, 2016

Saturday again!!!!

It's Saturday!!!!! Met Santiago during breakfast and found out that he plays guitar, so we decided to sit on green and had sing along time, wohoo~~~~~ He is really good in guitar!!!! (but not in vocal, opsss~ sorry!)
Anyway, Sarah woke up and joined us, but after 12pm,  two of us went to library for study.......we are good girls!!! Muahahahhahaha!!!!
There is another American Football game starts at 7pm, we went to support.........hahah.......... American Football Game consider a big deal here in US, but I still no clue how this game scored and play, never mind, I guess I will learn that within these 4 years.

又是星期六!!!在吃早餐的时候遇见Santiago, 聊天中发现原来他会玩吉他,于是我们临时决定在草地上坐着弹吉他,唱歌,太好了~~~~他吉他弹得蛮棒的!!!(但是唱歌技术有待加强,opsss~ 抱歉!)
Sarah 在起床后加入我们的唱歌行列,12点后我们俩决定去图书馆看书做功课.....我们很乖哦!!!哈哈哈哈哈

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