Thursday, September 8, 2016


 星期六和朋友 Sarah 一起去看美式足球的公开赛,由于在我们学校的足球场,加上学生入场免费,所以,当然去啦!!!这美式足球赛在2pm 开始,==" (天啊~ 最晒最热的时候,为什么?!) 所以去看球赛之前把防晒膏涂满全身。我可不想变黑炭!在球赛之前,学校的足球场的停车位布满了Tailgate 档子,有吃的喝的,音乐和一些游戏,感觉不错哦!我们准时进去找位子,之后有乐队演奏,有拉拉队的表演,球员入场,然后球赛开始,我完全看不明白,只是看我前座的一家人一时开心大叫,一时失望大喊,才大概知道我们球赛是否赢或输。在中场休息时,看完乐队演奏,我和朋友就先离开了,因为真的太闷了~ 由于没什么事情做,她邀请我去她的房间,吃美国零食....!! opsss~ (高卡路里,高糖分,煎炸等的零食....) 她看我的样子,一脸笑着说:"欢迎来到美国!"     Last Saturday, went to watch American Football Match together with Sarah, it was a match located in our university, free entrance for students, started at 2pm ==" (Ohmy, that's the HOTTEST hour in a day! Putted on my sunscreen before I turn into charcoal.) There are Tailgate filled up the football parking lot, with food and drinks, music and games, pretty cool! The band started with music and followed by cheer leading, and players' admission, and the match started. Totally no idea with the match, how they score and so... Only found out the results by the excitement of the family who sat in front of me. Two of us left during the intermission, and went to her dorm for American's snacks!!! opsss~ (High calories, high sugar level, fried snacks....) She looked at me, putted on her evil smiles and said: "Welcome to America!"

我们在房里聊天,修厕所,然后她突然问我要不要试一试 "eno"? 什么来的?
于是,我们就这样下了楼,出去找树,然后把这名为 eno 的东西吊上去,
原来是吊床!!! ==" 哈哈哈,我们在宿舍门口的大树下吹着凉风,吃披萨.....
wohoo!!! 不错的体验!

We chatted in the room, fixed the toilet, and all of a sudden, she came out with this
idea to put on "eno" (what's that!?) , so we went out and look for trees and hang the 
eno up, lols~~~ I knew what is that !!!==" hahahah..... chilling there and had 
pizza together.... wohooo!!!! Love it! 
It was a great Saturday!!!!

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