Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday church service and yummy pizza!!!!

Today's sermon was really interesting, and I should share this with you. Jonah, the prophet who running from God. This reminded me of last year, how God stirred up the storm in my life and taught me to stay obedience.

"Disobeying the Word of God results in loving discipline from the Hand of God." 
(Jonah 1:4-16)
There are 3 dangers in disobedience:
1. Disobedience calluses my heart for God.
-God always use different ways to get our attention, but our heart are like calluses, disobedient until we feel nothing, and not sensitive to God's voice.
-We always wait until God puts storm into our life, so that He gets our attention.

2. Disobedience cultivates a divide between my profession & practice.
-We always declare that we worship God, but in reality, our life deny it.
-"Christian don't tell lies, but they go to church and sing it." this is really sad, does our life sustains our belief?

3. Disobedience causes suffering for the people around me.
-No one can ruin God's plan
-No matter how small our sin is, it will still bring consequences to people around us.

God disciplines His children because he loves.

Are we still living in an disobedience life? Have we pay attention to His calling? and what's our response?

Don't wait until God stir up a storm in your life, trust me, it ain't fun.

Denisa and I went to pizza place for big pizza, she gets vegetable pizza, and I gets pepperoni and beef.
I'm a meat lover, hahhaha.... so that half belongs to me!!!
Glad to spent time with her, and chatted and enjoyed pizza~~~~
Sunday, is always great and awesome!!!

18th Sept 2016 record

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