Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tuesday night, CRU!

Tuesday night is CRU night, means Christian fellowship night.
This always remind me cellgroup gathering time back in Sabah,I  really enjoy it.
Sometimes I miss the hot and welcoming people in Sabah.
I should bring that hot and welcoming culture here, hahaha.... 

Matt, the guy who preach tonight, I still dunno whether is he a pastor or what, anyway, he talks about freedom tonight.
How we seek for freedom when we are in university, we can eat anything we want, drink as much as we can, go to class depends on our mood, and more. It's great that we no need to be submitted to anyone as we grow up, but is that what we want?

Tonight we read through 1King 18:20, Elisha challenge the Israel people to follow the real God, is it Yaweh? or Baal?
This become the thoughts of tonight:
Who we commit to?
When the world see us, how they think of us?

Not just submit to God, but commit to the Son Jesus Christ.
in Acts 3:1-26, The lame men was healed, people around him saw the different, and they recognized the changes of his life, they wanted to know who did this, and how? Guess what, Peter and John started to preach and share Gospel that changed their life, they put all glory to God.
So what label are we putting on ourselves?
To be famous in university?
To be the best athletic?
To have more girl/boyfriend?

Does our life fill with the aroma of Christ? Let people see the grace that change our life, and starts telling people what God had done to our life.

So basically, that's the topic for tonight, it was pretty great,

and after CRU, those who are free (like me) go to Waffle House for extra dessert time. hahaha....
1st time having real hash-brown, wohooo~~~~~~

I love the hash-brown with cheese~~~~~!!!
Next time I'm going to try their waffle~~~ yumm

and we have selfie!!! (and they don't have this culture,, I'm going to start it here!)

21th Sept 2016 record

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