Friday, September 30, 2016

Persona Presentation!!!!

Nothing much to present, the topic for this is creating our own musical persona, by introducing their background, their music type and influenced by who and more.... I can't speak as fast as American, or make a great joke, so decided to put on this Chinese Costume and try out something new! Yay~!
(This is my first time wearing Chinese costume....shame~~~hahaha)
I'm not a girl who loves putting on makeup, so this makeup nearly drives me crazy. I had a class before presentation, so I have to rush it out, and took me 20mins to get ready for this! Bommmmm~~~~~

Everyone said I look cute~~~ what?!?!!?
I don't want to look cute!!! =.="

Anyway, the presentation went well, glad that I didn't tripped myself with the heels, or mumbling~~ hahahah
So after the presentation, decided to take some photos with my classmate, and their presentation will be on next Monday!! wohooo~~~~~~~

其实没有太多要介绍的,这presentation 的主题是要我们设计出一个全新的音乐人物,要介绍这个音乐人物的背景,音乐类型,受谁影响等等。我口才不如美国人来得快,能够说笑话,所以决定换上我的旗袍尝试新的风格!哈哈哈!
我才不要看起来很可爱!!! =.="

结束后,和我一些同学合照,而她们的 presentation 是在下个星期一!!!

That's me!!!!!

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