Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bible study on Thursday night

Always being grateful to join Bible study!!
This week, we have the opportunity to have Anna's boyfriend, who took courses in theological
seminary joined us and shared more on Apologetic, how to defend your faith when you face the
questions from non-believer, or believer. Questions such as:
-How does people from Old Testament know that they are "saved"?
-Faith equals to being saved?
-What Jesus did during the three days after died on the cross? 
-If we are saved because of Jesus's grace, why do we still need law?

Interesting isn't it?! hahahhaha......

这个星期,Anna的男朋友(他在神学院修课) 参与我们,一起谈护教学,如何维护信仰,尤其是当

很有趣吧?! 哈哈哈哈.......

20th October 2016 record

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