Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sneak peak~

在星期三早课结束后就和朋友一同去崇拜,然后一起去咖啡厅吃早午餐。 这咖啡厅
结合了咖啡和艺术,很舒服的地方。一抵达,就喜欢上了!我点了Cafe Mocha, 还
有贝果加上花生酱,(我的杯子特别可爱吧) 在这光线恰好,气氛稍有情调,和朋友

Hardly find a nice cafe which makes my heart melt, I found one recently, and I just 
want to introduce that to you all! It happened on Wednesday, after my morning class, 
I went to chapel service together with my friend, and after that we went to a cafe 
for our brunch. This cafe focus on both coffee and art, a comfy place. As soon 
as I stepped in the cafe, I love it! Ordered a Cafe Mocha for myself, and also a bagel 
with peanut butter, (look at the mug! so cute!!!) Chatting with my friend and reading 
in this perfect sunlight, nice atmosphere made me feeling great, simple and lovely.

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