Monday, October 17, 2016

Overflowing blessings......

拜,Denisa 送我回家时,说她妈妈为我准备了一个冬天的包裹,她从后座拿出一个


God's provides always more than I could ever expected, feeling amaze every time
when I experienced all these. Winter is coming, actually I still have no idea what to
prepare for that, or I should say, I have no extra money to buy winter gears for myself.
However God prepares lot of angels around me, and slowly provides what I need.
After Sunday service with Denisa, she sent me back to campus and told me that her
mom prepared a winter package for me, and she took it from her car's backseat and
passed it to me. I was surprised, and touching at the same time, gave her a big hug,
and thank her mom.

When I went back to my dorm and opened the package, those are brand new winter
socks, scarfs, gloves, blanket, long sleeves clothes and pants.
I'm so excited!!!

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