Sunday, December 25, 2016

California Sushi Roll

不晓得大部分的美国人都爱California 寿司,但在这里这算是家喻户晓的寿司,可能是因为里面没有生的鱼吧,所以大家比较能接受(但寿司不就是要吃生鱼才够味吗?)。我到另一个朋友家过夜,两人早上吃早餐时突发奇想要做寿司晚餐,她妈妈不反对,还说要跟,我们也就出门去买食材了!
其实真的不难做,只不过我朋友从来没煮过饭,加上家里没有电饭煲,所以便教她怎么量米,洗米等等,然后教她怎么卷寿司,呵~ 蛮好玩的!就这样过了一天啦~!

I've no idea why American love California sushi roll, maybe because there are no raw fish in there,so it's more acceptable to them, and turn into famous type of sushi, well......Went to Sarah's house sleepover, and decided to make sushi while we were having our breakfast, her mom suggested we can make it for our dinner, and says she can join us when we do our grocery shopping, sounds awesome! So we went out and get our ingredients! Isn't hard to make sushi, but Sarah never cook rice before, plus her house doesn't have rice cooker, so I taught her how to measure the rice, how to wash rice, and cook it, and taught her and Marisa how to roll sushi, heeheheh~ Fun!

Ingredients: cucumber, jamine rice, crab meat, avocado, wasabi, soy sauce,

ohya, and sushi roller!!!

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